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This was once written about in the poem, "So Comes the Reaper," by the long since dead poet Mercucio Poettellis. Here's a passage from it:

And as the night did swirl around me,
A ghastly form did come.
Wreathed in shadow, scythe outstretched,
He pointed and I went numb,
I felt the chill of death upon me,
And when he spoke my skin did crawl,
'Oh mortal man, your time has come,
From you, your life has fled,
Watch with horror as the world goes dark,
Cause LOL U DED.'  

Screen printed with care and precision on black ringspin cotton tees at The Yetee in Aurora, Illinois. 


Shipping: USA: 3.85 CAN: 4 WORLD: 5.50

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