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Big Bad Bosses (B3) Power Overwhelming: Unleashed Edition

Music CD (2 Disc Set)

Big Bad Bosses (B3) Power Overwhelming: Unleashed Edition - This two disc set comes with the original version of the CD, a karaoke CD and CD lyric booklet, as well as one digital code for the album to be redeemed digitally.

This is a pre-order. The finished product may vary in appearance.



1. Intro
2. I'm The Boss
3. Princess 03:57
4. Egg Man
5. Angel
6. Racing
7. Anger Management
8. Capture You
9. The Raid
10. Questions
11. Bears and Birds (feat. Grant Kirkhope)
12. Minions (feat. Dale North)
13. Office
14. Another Villiain
15. Bears and Birds (Radio Edit) [feat. Grant Kirkhope]

Also includes karaoke CD + exclusive CD lyric booklet. 

Shipping: $4 US/CAN $5.25 World

Big Bad Bosses - Im The Boss

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